Monday, November 19, 2007

First snow!

Yay! The first snow of the season fell last night. It is just a dusting but pretty none the less. I had to take a quick pic for the blog. Also I just completed another painting/sign on a cabinet door. This one is for the fantasy lover with a unicorn in a winter landscape. You can see Santa flying in front of a full moon and I've put a holiday wreath around the unicorn. I will add some diamond dust glittle and swarovski crystals to the snowflakes on the border. It will look truly magical when it is finished. I just have to varnish it and get it on ebay.
I will be making some changes to how I do business on ebay. I have to increase some of my starting prices since bids have been down a bit this year. If a piece doesn't sell, it will go on my website forsale. I am working on getting Paypal buttons on the site so people can pay for things safely and easily.
Thank you! Jen

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DesignsbyCK said...

Beautiful unicorn!!! :)