Friday, December 14, 2007

Fairy Foal

I have been pondering lately why I paint so many "cute" things. Today I finished a butterfly fairy foal on a mirror. It is the definition on cuteness. My personal tastes have always leaned more on the dark side. Just about every piece of clothing I wear is black. I have always enjoyed horror movies and my favorite holiday is Halloween. I don't know, can't figure this one out:)
Well, here is the mirror. Cute isn't it?


DesignsbyCK said...

Beautiful Jen and VERY creative!

Happy Holidays 2 to U and yours!


Tina said...

Foals, butterflies and flowers, oh I'm already ready for Spring in this cold dreary winter. What a cute and "warm" painting. Received my TWH Wonderland sign and I just adore it. Thank you! I feel like a little kid at Christmas time just waiting to see what you will paint next.

lvponies said...

It's very pretty!!! I like cute things! I think you just need a cute little mini in your life!!


vintagepaletteart said...

How absolutely precious Jen!!! =D You do THE best horses! And those butterfuly wings are so amazingly detailed!

=D *Lori

Samantha M said...

The fairy foal is so cute.
Your a very good artist. I like the mirror.
Happy Painting!