Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fairy Tale

My mind has been roaming in the land of enchantment lately as you can see in my two latest pendants. My favorite type of art has always been illustration (think Howard Pyle and NC Wyeth). Our weekend hobby is buying children's books at yard sales and we have amassed a collection of nearly 1000 books for our daughter. Perhaps I've been reading her too many books and the illustrations are making their way into my own art. I have been having so much fun with these pendants lately. I know my regular customers are probably growing inpatient with me, I am sorry! :) It's a great way to create art when you have a toddler under your feet and not a lot of time (or a very short attention span). I've also been able to get back into beading a little which is very relaxing for me. So, I hope you enjoy my little pieces of art as much as I do. I will keep painting them if they keep selling. Hopefully I will get myself to some local gift shops and galleries to see if they have any interest in carrying a few.
The peices in this blog were painted on vintage black wooden dominos from the 1950's.


Designs by CK said...

Hey Jen, inspiration comes from many sources...I know! I am a yard sale junky too, but can never get my better half to go with's like pulling teeth! LOL

I think your pendants are I have said before...if I weren't always so poor I would snap one up from you! LOVE the recycle/repurposed domino idea...very green of you! Love the frog prince one!

PS: I had the same Ouija mousepad several years ago! LOL '-)

Have a great day!

Chris :)

Carolee said...

Jen, these pendants are GORGEOUS, and even moreso in person (saw them last night folks, and they are amazing!) The photos really don;t do them justice....

My birthday is in July, BTW - just thought I'd mention that. :)

~ Carolee

Tina said...

As a "regular" customer of your horse signs, I'm not complaining about your new products, as I'm wearing my lovely little tree necklace. It just shows how much variety you have with your talent. I enjoy watching what you put up for sale next and seeing if my "favorite" pieces catch the higher prices. I just knew your one black cat with the turned head was a special one, I had my eye on that one, something about it made me keep looking at it, it was so unique.

And right now sadly, we are having to totally re-do our living room and computer room floor joists and it's a huge unexpected expense. One third of my house is one big open hole with a dirt floor, it's crazy. So I'm currently relieved to not see any of your Let It Snow (on my list to still get) or other amazing horse art signs. It's going to kill me to see what you paint for this coming Spring with horses on it. I'll have to someone figure out how to squeeze a few of your horse signs into my slim budget.