Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Tomorrow is Easter. Since we have a two year old, we can't wait. This will be the first Easter she is old enough to search for her basket and go on egg hunts. We took her to one today billed as Lancaster County's largest egg hunt, it was more like an egg pick up though. All the parents rushed in when they shouldn't have and told their kids what to grab. Some doing all the work for them. Being the kind of person that has no place putting candy in their mouth, I let Zoe do all the work and picked up a few peanut butter eggs for Kevin and I. How could I resist?
I also managed to paint a sign this afternoon of a lovely Friesian horse cantering in a Spring landscape. I can't wait for Spring and I can't wait to start gardening since this is the first Spring we own our own house with a nice 1/2 acre backyard. I spent all evening trimming and sawing the dead lower branches of a large pine tree so I don't think I will be able to pick up my paint brush until Monday or Tuesday.

So, I wish you all a most Joyous and Happy Easter tomorrow. Eat some PB eggs for me:)
I think I'll be downing a percocet.



Hi Jennifer,

* Happy Ostara & Mystical Paschal Full Moon Easter To You & Yours Too *

Zoe is just the cutest, but like Mommy & I'm sure Daddy of course!

Love your Friesian horse cantering in a spring landscape, so where are you selling this one?

The moon was big, beautiful & very bright. We can see it rise & set from our mountain view. When it set the other morning it was the biggest I have ever seen it. Very glowing & yellow.

Like you Jennifer, Chris is a very talented artist working in many realms. You guys knock my spiked heels off...

XOXOs, Lyndy

Designs by CK said...

Hi Jen, Zoe is so cute! Hope you guys had a great Easter! :-)

Your new horse painting is gorgeous as always.

PS: Thanks on my Lyndy portrait!