Sunday, March 30, 2008

Work in Progress

I never like to show people something I'm working on until it's finished. I think it's because all my work (and most other artist's) goes through a serious case of the uglies. Maybe it looks fine to someone else but when I have a finished image in my brain of what I want my painting to looks like and it looks completely different, it's a bit frustrating. So I wanted to post a few pictures of my latest painting, a work in progress. So far I'm thinking it will be titled Hunter's Moon although my original title was Jump the Moon. I have to rework the fetlock/hoof area as I'm not happy with the shape yet. I may also get rid of the braids and opt for a more flowy mane (it wouldn't be a hunter than so I'd have to use my original title). I'd love to hear how other artists work through "the uglies". Being a self taught artist with no formal training, I'm always open to suggestions/critiques.

Thanks! Jen

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