Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blog Tag

My dear, darling friend Carolee blog tagged me today. Fun. Okay, not really and I don't usually play along with these things but since she's coming over for dinner tonight and bringing with her the majority of the dinner since our car is still in the garage awiting inspection, I will be nice.

So all I have to do is list 5 unimportant things about myself. I'm interpreting that to mean I just need to tell my readers 5 strange little facts about myself.
Here you go (I know you're holding your breath):

1. I once shipped a sign to Wayne Newton in Las Vegas. It was an Arabian sign purchased by a friend and sent to him for Christmas.

2. I was a punk in high school back in the late 80's. Even shaved half my head. Crazy, huh? My poor mom sure thought it was.

3. Sticking with my punk roots, I still mainly wear black clothing. My friends and family are always shocked when I wear a pastel color. I have a few in the closet I bought when I was having a weak, girly moment.

4. I secretly wish I could have been on one of those PBS reality shows; Pioneer House, Frontier House or Colonial House.

5. When I was young I commited the ultimate museum crime, I touched a painting by a famous painter. It was Dead Toreador by Manet. I hope I can't get into trouble now, that was so long ago. I thought some of Manet's spirit would somehow leap from the painting and into my finger. I'm sorry, National Gallery of Art. Je regrette, Manet.


Melissa Valeriote said...

You're in BIG trouble Missy. Touching a Manet is a Federal Crime or at least it should be. Seriously, I've always wanted to do it myself but those darn guards and cameras are everywhere. Don't they understand the artist connection thing? You are my idol you little museum bandit! I won't tell a soul.

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Jen, Carolee nailed me too... I am thinking we need to do 80's haircut pics on our blogs now. I had partially shaved hair at one point too and some really tall bangs!


Designs by CK said...

GREAT read Jen & glad you touched the painting!!! LOL '-)

You punk girl U!