Monday, May 5, 2008

Gypsy Witch

I was feeling a little Halloweeny this week so I thought I would paint a witch driving a Gypsy Vanner Horse. I love painting all the little details like the pumpkins on the cart, black cats (there are 3 in the painting) and houses on the hill with tiny people in the windows and ghosts coming out of the chimneys.

It will be on ebay later tonight and it's just a 3 day auction so please check it out!

I also wanted to let people know about a project I started with my Ebay horse art group. We are passing around a sketchbook to 14 members who will create on 5 pages each. After it is finished we will auction it off on ebay for a horse charity. So far we've had two Brit artists who've completed their sketches and one artist who's added a seperate watercolor painting that is just stunning. Please check it out. I have a blog going for the project to keep everyone posted.
Whoa Sketchbook Project


Designs by CK said...

Stunning new pieces Jen!

Nice to see you in EHAG tonight too!

CK :)

Rima said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for your kind words and visit to my blog :) Pleased to meet you and your lovely paintings...
Best wishes from sunny Scotland :)

Melissa Valeriote said...

I LOVE the idea of the Whoa sketchbook! The illustrations are glorious. Best of luck on your charity work. You are a kind soul and amazing artist.

Designs by CK said...

Popping in here to say hello & thank you for being a great blogging friend!

CK :)