Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer in Lancaster County

I live in Amish Country and sometimes it's a pain, like driving to my mom's house today and having to navigate around 50+ buggies and 50+ tourists. Sometimes, however, it is a blessing, like viewing all the gorgeous farms, animals, fields of grain and billowy cloudy. We were on our way to visit my mom, see my grandmother who is in from Las Vegas for the summer and pick up my daughter's cousins to spend the night at our house. I happened to have the camera on me and since my husband is not one for stopping the car while I act like a tourist taking pictures, most of these photos were taken inside a moving vehicle.
There were so many lovely images I wasn't able to capture but they are still with me in my mind; four horses of various sizes and colors standing under a shady tree next to a stream, two young Amish boys running through a cow pasture sans shoes, a gorgeous mini mare in a lush green field with her frolicking young foal and and old farm house surrounded by lilies of all colors.
So here are a few pictures taken from the car. The one of Thomas the Train was one I was able to jump out and take (right place at right time scenario, Zoe was so excited). The picture of Zoe and her cousin, Faith, were taken in my mother's HUGE garden. I love the bamboo tee pees for the heirloom tomatoes.


Loves.Nature said...

Wow, what awesome pics, now that's the country! I'm dying to picture the scenes you described, next time make hubby stop, it sounds so peaceful and carefree there. Living so close to St. Louis our farm fields are getting swallowed up by subdivisions.
Thanks for sharing.


Carolee said...

Gorgeous photos, Jen! I was driving around the countryside myself yesterday (visited a sewing machine repair shop on an old order Mennonite farm). The scenery around here is absolutely breathtaking. You're inspiring me to take some photos next time I'm out and about!

~ Carolee
PS - great photo of Zoe and Faith. :)

Holly Zemak said...

Look at that sky!!! Here in CT. we don't often have such an open view. Beautiful country.