Thursday, July 24, 2008

Horse Show (kinda)

I drug my poor husband and child to a horse show tonight at the Quentin Riding Club. I was a little reluctant to go because I had tried to go to a TWH show only a few weeks before and when we got there, no one else was there. Cancelled I guess.
So we get to this show and I had known it was going to be mainly saddle seat which is not my favorite discipline, but I thought I could get some nice photos to use as reference.
Well, when we pulled in I saw two horses. That was a good sign, at least something was going on. We get out of the car and the first of the evening's classes was about to start. There were two horses in the class! Yikes, not much of a show. Luckily my family found a slide and swing to play on while I tried to take a few photos because it was God aweful boring. I have never seen a show with such a small turnout. The next class was one for Friesians and lucky for me, two showed up. I was able to take a few shots of one in particular but the lady did not seem too impressed with me. I found her website tonight and I can see she probably thinks very highly of herself. She mentions several times about her friendship with Carson Kressley. How dare some peasant want to photograph her magnificent steed.
Then I watched another saddlebred class and that was it for me. I don't know why anyone would want to ride an animal like that. It is a shame what they do to them. They look so unnatural and they really try to work the poor things up by hissing at them during the class. They could barely stop the things when asked and it just didn't look like any fun at all. So, here are a few of my photos. Wish I could have taken more but there was only about 8 horses there!

Lovely dappled dark bay Morgan.

3 year old Saddlebred.

Does this look like a fun ride?

I bet this horse could play a mean game of Twister!

Whoa, you won a blue ribbon! All you had to do was beat one other horse.

Pretty boy.

"Lady, could you let go of my face for a second!"

Hey lady, that's an awefully high horse you're on!


Carolee said...

Great photos, but no, it doesn't look like fun at all - certainly not for the horse! :(

~ Carolee

Tabasco Kat said...

I go to their site, and it listed that as a "FUN Show". . .Doesn't look FUN to me at all. FUN, Georgia- Style, is a costume class where Pippy was dressed as a Budweiser Clydesdale, with Joe C along side painted up as the dalmatian carriage dog, complete with "wagging" as he walked pipe-cleanered tail . . . now THAT'S fun!! Posted a lousy shot on firstdraughtfarm / showtime page. . .

Loves.Nature said...

Loved your comments, but it's shame it didn't turn out to be a "real" fun horse show. For the horses sake maybe that was a good thing of little turnout.


Tabasco Kat said...

Hey Jen - when you're ready to go to a REAL show again, the National Shire Show is at KILE (Harrisburg) on Oct 2, starting at 8 am. I'm gonna be there with my lucky stall sign! Come find us!