Friday, July 18, 2008

Mirabelle Ravensong

My newest witch painting is finished!
Meet Mirabelle Ravensong and her familiar, Adelmar.
Adelmar is an ancient Germanic name meaning "noble" and was given to Mirabelle on her 13th birthday. As their name suggests, the Ravensong family has always had ravens as familiars. They are excellent at communicating with all members of the corvid family and Mirabelle is no exception. Wherever Mirabelle goes, Adelmar is not far behind.
When Ravens are kept in captivity, they can live for many years. One such bird lived until the age of 80! They are also one of the smartest animals on the planet capable of learning solutions to complex problems they encounter.


Anonymous said...

Great Art Jen, I see what you meant now, Ravens seem to Rule dont they.

Carolee said...

LOVE this!! What a great name, too!!

~ Carolee