Friday, July 11, 2008

Nightmares, Fleet Foxes and Blog Awards

I just finished a new sign today and I'm so excited to post some photos of it.
It's a Night Mare Cafe sign and I have painted a leaping white horse that looks as if she is trying to rid herself of ghosts and bats. I think this would look so cool in someone's kitchen or dining room around Halloween.
I will be listing it to ebay later today so please check my auction link over on the right side of this blog.
I've also painted a smaller sign with a ghost horse. She has small ghosts flowing out from her mane and tail.

Okay, so here I go with the recommendations again. I am absolutely in love with this band called Fleet Foxes. You can visit their Myspace page and listen to their music. I will try and create a music playlist for this blog over in the right hand column too. They were just in Philly and I'm sorry I missed them.

Finally, I want to thank Lori of Retro Rudolphs for honoring me with a weblog award today. Thank you so much Lori! I'm so glad that someone reads this blog:)

Have a wonderful day!


*retro-rudolphs* said...

Hey Jen, I just listened to the tunes while working away on the computer. I don't know why but they kind of remind me of The Beach Boys, Blue Rodeo and The Skydiggers all mixed together.


tlc illustration said...

Hi Jen, thanks for visiting my blog. It was fun seeing all of your horses since I've been working on this Young Reader series whose main characters are (flying) horses - and I have a much great appreciation for the complexity of horse anatomy than I did before!

It is also fun to see Eastern Pennsylvanian places like Longwood Gardens. My parents lived in PA, about 40 minutes away from Longwood for 14 years. We visited Longwood and the Brandywine Museum and Winterthur as often as we could.

Carolee said...

LOVE the night Mare sign, and the new tunes as well!

~ Carolee