Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where to begin?

I have so much to blog about today, I don't know where to start.
My garden is growing like gangbusters. My Brandywine tomatoes are now taller than I am! The red Brandywine has a tomato on it that is absolutely enormous and shows no signs of slowing down and ripening. I wonder how big it will get (stay tuned). My poblano pepper plant has several large peppers on it and I'm not quite sure what to do with the. Does anyone have any suggestions?
The lilies I bought from the Michigan Bulb Company are pretty as can be. I bought a mixed bag so I didn't know what colors they would be. The one that bloomed today is the most gorgeous shade of yellow that blends into orange near the center.
If you look back at my May blogs you will see how small some of my gardens are and how lovely they are today. I can't believe how fast everything has grown. Next year I am going to at least triple the size of my veggie garden. I can't wait!

I finished my three week equine in oils painting workshop today. I would say I had fun. I'm not sure how much I learned but it helped to get me back into oil painting.
My painting is not quite finished yet but how much can a person really get done in 6 hours. The instructor, Stephen Leed, was very nice and he said he would help me if I ever needed it. The only other person in the class was a 17 year old who had never painted before so I think she held me back a bit and also took up more of the instructor's time. The nice thing about her is that she lives about 2 miles away and her mother invited Zoe and I over to play with their mini horses and fainting goats.
I can finally get some good mini photos to work from.

Here's a photo of my painting from the class. I would say it is about 75% finished.
The shadow at the top is from my easel.

Lastly, I have completed two more halloween art pieces for ebay. One of my popular Halloween horses and a candle sconce with a witchy theme.

Please check my auctions if you want to bid!

Thanks for reading. It ALWAYS makes my day when someone posts a comment:)


Loves.Nature said...

Wow, your veggie plants are looking to be very productive, I can't believe how big they are. My weeds aren't even doing that good!

The lilies are colorful, I've been thinking about adding some to my yard. I love the colors. Your yard is doing great, keep planting, less to mow. I've been into planting native shrubs & plants for the birds/butterflies for my yard. So much I want to add to my yard but so little time.

What? No black & white bunny in the corner or a ghost in the sky in your oil painting? (hee-hee) It looks great, but I still enjoy seeing your creatively and can never wait to see what you come up with next.


Carolee said...

Wow - wish my veggies were doing that well. :)

LOVE the new art, and also have to say the Sleepy Hollow pieces you've done recently absolutely ROCK!! No comparison on eBay when it comes to your equine signs and equine Halloween pieces - they're amazing!

~ Carolee

Johanna Parker said...

Wow Jen!... Congrats on your flourishing garden and your amazing paintings..... You really capture those horses with your brush!

~ Johanna

Designs by CK said...

One word WOW...at the risk of repeating myself did I say WOW?! '-)

PS: Thanks on my new PC too!

Hope you & your family have a great 4th of July!

Chris :)

Debi McSwain said...

I love your new equine oil painting. I wish I could find an equine paint class around here. I also like the great idea of the paint horse with the "ghost" spots.