Monday, August 11, 2008

Chilly in August!

The morning has begun with a very chilly start. At 10 AM it is still barely 60 degrees. Thank you Canada for the nice refreshing burst of cold air!
This brisk weather has definately put me in the mood for painting Halloween. To further inspire creativity, I've made up a playlist of some of my favorite music.
I hope my friends and readers don't find it too annoying. Occasionally I will click on a website and the music is very obnoxious.
To start off my playlist, I've added music from my very favorite film, Amelie. I don't think you could find a more perfect movie. The cinematography, music, acting and script are absolutely amazing. It is whimsical, touching, funny, colorful, artistic, magical and romantic. It's one of those movies that if I see it is on TV before I go to bed I have to watch half of it even though I'm dead tired.

Since it is so chilly out and my family is wearing long sleeved shirts this morning, I thought I would marked down all sweatshirts and long sleeved t's in my Cafepress Shop $2.00. This week only! Prices will go back up next Monday.
I have added some nice new Halloween designs recently so please check them out.
Take care everyone and have a magical day!

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