Saturday, October 18, 2008


Time to brush off my witch costume. Halloween is almost here!

I tried to dig up some of my spooky photos but I could only find two I took in Amsterdam a few years ago. I have some great photos from New Orleans but they are not on my computer. If I can find Marie Laveau's grave I will definately post it.

The one below was taken in Dam Square. There were these beautiful old buildings and right in the middle was a very weird and slightly tacky looking carnival. The devil was at the entrance for the fun house ride. I think this has a look of Heaven and Hell with the angelic looking sculptures on top of the Royal Palace.

The entryway was also taken in Holland. I am drawn to anything with skeletons so I had to snap a photo. I wish I would have found a graveyard to take a few photos in!


AwtemNymf said...

Gnarly photo's thanks for sharing!
I'm Blog Hopping from Vanessa's "A Fanciful Twist" Party <{:O)
Stop by my place too... I'm having a couple of give-aways!
Have a bootiful day!
Be Enchanted!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Wonderful photos, Hope you had a good time at the party. Happy Halloween. Karen

NyteRayn said...

I was just hanging out over at a Fanciful Twist’s party and I thought I’d check out your blog! The photos are fantastic!

Laume said...

Flying in from Vanessa's party - hi. Y'know, I think I might own an ACEO you made a couple of years ago. I bought it on ebay - a headless horseman image. Ring a bell? If you like cemeteries and skulls and what not you should come search around on my blog - I took a lot of gravestone photos while I was in Paris and in the UK recently. In any case, I hope you can stop by my party post as well.

Designs by CK said...

GREAT pics Jen!!! :)

Happy Sunday,

Linda said...

Jen, check out Koshnice ( church of Bones) gives me the creeps , but for the ardent halloweener youll probably love it.

Shell said...

I love your spooky photos.

dragonflyreflections said...

Love the photos and your other artwork in earlier posts - the headless horsemen are wonderful!!

Witchy Blessings,

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful photos!
Happy Halloween!

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for sharing these spooktacular photo's ... I especially like the last one. :)

Michelle said...

Sorry I'm late in dropping by! It's taking me awhile to work myself through the party list! Feel free to stop by to say Hi! I'm having a fun give away!

Patricia said...

Lovely Photos - thank you for having me to your party. Happy Halloween !

Kim said...

Great photos and I love your art work! thanks for stopping by my place.