Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peace Signs

As promised, I've finished some new "Peace on Earth" signs including one with a snowy owl.
I have the Gypsy Vanner on ebay but may wait a few days to list the owl.

Also I've taken autostart off of my music player so if you'd like to hear some tunes, you have to hit the play button. I like to listen to it while I paint but realize others may not share my taste in music;-)

Thanks for visiting! Jen

Snowy Owl sign has been sold. Look for more in the future!


Melissa said...

Snowy Owl is STUNNING! No wonder it already sold.

suzanne.artist said...

Wonderfully peaceful art, puts me in a better mood already!

artbyakiko said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for visiting my blog. I added you to my Fellow Artists list. Your sketch book project is awesome and the artworks are just GORGEOUS! You girls are so talented!!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

WOW! Jen~ the owl sign is amazing!!!


blackfeatherfarm said...

Stunning as usual !

Designs by CK said...

LOVE the owl Jen! :-)

Hard to believe Thanksgiving & Christmas are right around the corner!!!


FairyJane said...

You artwork is so FINE!!! I have awarded you the Uber Amazing Blog Award. The logo for it I sent to you via an etsy convo, cause I dont have an email for you. Congrats!!! Fairy Jane