Monday, November 17, 2008

Sneak Peeks

I'm sick as a dog but busy as a bee! I know it sounds crazy but my painting hand has been taken over by the Christmas Spirit even though I can't breathe and feel like I've been hit by a freight train. I thought I would share a sneak peek at three of my newly painted Holiday signs. I will be listing them on Ebay tonight or tomorrow so please check back. I am also working on 5 handpainted pendants for Etsy. They should be ready by the end of the week. I only have the painting completed on a palomino pendant but I plan on making a raven (maybe a white one) and a snowy owl. Not sure what the other 2 will be yet.

Thank you Fairy Jane for bestowing upon my blog the Uber Amazing Blog award!
Please check out her blog to see her wonderful fairy artwork!

Finally, I have been tagged by Danielle Barlow ! Now I need to think up 7 interesting and unknown facts about myself. Not my favorite subject but I'll give it a go...

1. I had a riding lesson when I was around 18 from the first lady to ride in the Olympics for the US, Marjorie Gill. I met her by accident one day on the trail. I was riding a lovely little Arabian named Amir. She introduced herself and told me that if I ever would like a lesson to ride by her farm. That was such a long time ago I don't really remember any of the details but she was a very nice lady.

2.I have no formal art training but my great grandfather & grandmother were artists and I have several members of my family that are very artistic. When I was around 18 I met one of the neatest artists at a show, Sandra Severson. She gave me a free lesson in her studio. I'll always remember how nice that was. She had such a beautiful studio!

3. I hate tomatoes but love sauce. I just about gag when I'm preparing tomatoes to make sauce. Blek!

4. I love the sound of a cat sneeze.

5. I want to live in Europe when I'm older. Even if it's just for a year or two.

6. I've driven from Southern PA to Maine just to see a band (if you must know it was Phish). Don't listen to them much anymore.

7. I have a tatoo on the back of my neck. It comes from a design I saw on a flag in the Lord of the Rings movies. It's a horse, of course! I love the artwork from those movies. I have all the Art of LotRs books and a bunch of the jewelry too like Arwen's necklace and the leaf brooch.


Danielle Barlow said...

Jen, your sneek peaks look great - I can't wait to see the last one - a gypsy cob in the frost?
I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly. I feel guilty for making you blog! Your facts were great. I laughed at your tattoo one - I so nearly listed my tattoos as one of mine! ( They are bumble bees !)
Alan Lee ( the illustrator and art director from the film) is a neighbour of ours. His daughter is a good friend ( She is the Virginia Lee on my blog links). I have a copy of the Lord of The Rings I was given for my 18th with the most beautiful frontispiece drawn by Alan. I will send you a pic! Every time we struggle to pay a bill I consider selling it, but not yet!
Now I should wrap yourself up warm, and have a shot of brandy.

Moonfairy said...

Can`t wait to see the new pendants. The sneek peaks of your signs looks amazing. I have never been a horse person, but your paintings are so beautiful that my interest for horses have grown :)

jane augenstein said...

Cat sneezes, that's funny! They do make a funny little sound when they sneeze, I like it too.
Very neat about the riding lesson, how fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

As always, I enjoy looking for your signs on e-bay. I am excited about the sneek peaks - I see a blue eye and am looking forward to seeing it listed. Your work is so interesting. My halloween sign stays up all year; I just move it around the house from one room to another.

Best wishes to you for a quick recovery; I have a son who is also been sick. Unfortunately, it is the time of year, no matter were you live, those little bugs eventually will get to everyone. Get Well Soon.


Melissa said...

Feel better soon Jen! Amazing new paintings.