Wednesday, November 26, 2008

While the cats away...

My husband took our daughter and left for the day so I can get lots done. I'm sitting here listening to the new Killers album (makes me want to dance) and figuring out what I'm going to paint. I have three signs started, just getting the backgrounds painted. I think I will paint a unicorn, a Paint horse and maybe an Appaloosa. I also have five more pendants started which are going to be a zebra, elephant, giraffe, grey horse & a Paint horse.
I added three new pendants to Etsy yesterday: a cardinal for Christmas and a buckskin and a bay. Big thanks to everyone who has purchased something from my Etsy store. I like it so much better than Ebay. The fees are a lot lower. Be careful with Etsy though, you can get addicted. And what a great place to go Christmas shopping, you don't have to even change out of your pajamas. Your money is going to help artists and not to some huge billion dollar corporation like Walmart - bleck!

Almost forgot to write about what a great time I had at the Rasputina concert on Sunday. It took me all of Monday to recouperate!
If you're a fan of the cello and alternative rock, I've made a playlist of some of their songs. The lead singer, Melora, was so nice. She even came out to say hello at the end and I got my picture taken with her. I'd share it with you but I can't stand photos of myself! The club owner, Bam Margera (from Jackass & MTV fame) was also surprisingly nice and allowed us to take some pictures.


blackfeatherfarm said...

Love the buckskin pendant. Glad to see you adding more to Etsy, like you I think Ebay has gotten so greedy. Right now a necessary evil for me. I am working towards listing less there eventually. Good luck with Etsy, I'm adding more there myself.
Happy Thanksgiving !


suzanne.artist said...

Love the pendants Jen! and thank you too for the kind remarks on my aceo painting!

suzanne.artist said...

Dear Jen,
Happy Thanksgiving, if you check the link to my comment it's the new aHa blog still a WIP!


Diane MacNaughtan said...

Hi Jen,
I LOVE The Cardinal Pendant!
OMG! The Killers! I just listened to the new cd while baking at work yesterday! LOl...
I stopped by to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!