Saturday, November 1, 2008


I am a member of a juried group of Ebay horse artists and I started a charity sketchbook project earlier this year. Back in April I asked for members to sign up and take turns adding original equine art to an 80 page blank book. We have had members add work from as far as Great Britian. Each artist has up to 5 pages to do whatever they would like.
Last week I finally chose a charity to receive the proceeds from the sale of the sketchbook and I am happy to annouce this charity is Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue. Please check out their website when you have the chance! Also click HERE to see the sketchbook blog. I post pictures of the art as it is completed. We hope to have the book finished and on ebay around Christmas.
Two of the artists involved in the project are also wonderful bloggers. Check out
Notes from the Rookery and
The Briar Rose Gate.


blackfeatherfarm said...

Such a great idea !! Love Notes from the Rookery blog too, already a favorite.

Iva's Creations said...

What a wonderful thing to do. Hope you raise lots of money!!
~ Iva