Thursday, December 11, 2008

What the heck?!+*&%$!

How is it that a tiny little kid can make a grown adult so sick and so often?
I was just sick 3 weeks ago and I'm sick again with another head cold. I was hoping to blog today about all the wonderful new pieces I've created but instead I'm just on here to complain! I even had Tuesday all to myself when Zoe went to her Gram's house but I got very little done. I sketched out a lovely new winter witch sleigh design but I have yet to paint it. Today I tried to paint a pendant but my head is in a fog and my hands are shaky.
Well, hopefully tomorrow will be better. I want to go the Landis Valley Museum for A Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas and bonfire. On Saturday is the Christmas open house at the Mount Hope Winery & Estate. The mansion will be all decked out for the holiday and Father Christmas will be there to meet the children. It is definitely not the time of year to be moping around with a head cold!

Father Christmas & Zoe 2007

On a happy note, Danielle has created another gorgeous treasury and added my polar bear pendant. Here is a screen shot but you have to follow this link to see the treasury. It only lasts a few days so hurry on over there!


SolitaireMare said...

Ah, I totally understand what you mean! Little kids are germ factories! Since my twins have been in kindergarten it's been one runny nose/cough/fever after another. And then they are so willing to share!

Sometimes when we are all sick, we sit together on the couch and watch cartoons and tell everyone to stay away from us - we're a pile of germs!

Hope you feel better soon and feeling up to your art again!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I know what you mean! My husband brings home germs from the guys at work who have kids and are ALWAYS sick!! I'm just getting over the flu-nasty bug that hasn't wanted to leave.

Love the music by Chloe.

Danielle Barlow said...

Oh you poor thing! All my family have been ill in the last couple of weeks, but I'm holding out against the bugs for now!
Cool screenshot! How did you do that? Whenever I've tried I only get half! May I borrow it to promote on my blog?

Kathleen said...

Sorry you're feeling yucky. :-(
Hope you're better by tomorrow, take lots of vit. C, that works pretty good for me anyway...
And, awesome treasury - I just love polar bears!

Designs by CK said...

Hi Jen ~ Feel better soon & congrats on the Treasury feature!

SpOOky CK :-)

Designs by CK said...

SpOOky CK has given you a "little" gift. Your present is ready to open at my blog!!! '-)