Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolution for 2009

Tired of the boring old "eat healthy" and "excerise" resolutions? I have a new one for you. Buy more art directly from the artist on Etsy and Ebay! Come on, you can start today. All the shops are closed in your town, you may even have a little Christmas cash burning a hole in your wallet. It's as easy as sitting in front of your computer and searching for your favorite subject, style or artist. And when you do buy something, you will rush to your mailbox everyday hoping to find your newly aquired treasure. When it does finally arrive it is the most exhilarating experience. Carefully opening the box and tearing away the bubble wrap and tissue paper. The other cool thing is that the art you buy ALWAYS looks better in person than on the computer screen. You will brighten up your dull home with the magic of artwork.
It doesn't even have to be expensive. I have prints in my bathroom that cost only $6 each! Buy some frames on sale at your local craft store and you have an instant room makeover. You will be the envy of ALL your friends and family.
The fun doesn't stop there either. You will sleep better at night knowing that you helped out a real person, often struggling to make their dreams a reality, and not some big wigs at Walmart.
So that's it. What are you waiting for? Put your hand on the mouse and click on Etsy or Ebay and go find your treasure!

Happy New Year!

Oh, I almost forgot. Here are just a few of the beautiful pieces that I have aquired directly from the artist over the years (click on picture for a larger image)!
Wanna find more of my favorites? Click on a link I have so nicely provided on the right side of this blog.

Fine art print from Danielle Barlow.

Original ACEO paintings by Susan Brack, Fran Frank and Dale Ann Widen.

Commissioned portrait of my cat by Carol Wells.

Fine art cat print by Kathleen Coy.

Original oil painting by J. Carey.

Animal mask prints by Matt Cipov.

Original painting from Kerry Originals.

Original cat painting by Kathy Clemente.

Original horse watercolor by Michelle Stuart.

Original horse painting by Caren Goodrich.

P.S. The added bonus of buying original art is that you may be a millionaire someday if one of your collected artists becomes famous:)


Carol Buck & Dottie Martz said...

love the art gallery! Makes me want to start one too! Beautiful work from lots of talented artists!

Kathleen said...

What a great collection, I am honored to be a part of it! Checking out some of these artists...WOW! (Carol Wells is amazing!!!)

I am finding buying art to be quite addictive myself, hehe. My newest is some aceo prints coming from Danielle Barlow and I can't wait!

Daneene said...

Just beautiful. I've shared this site with a friend who has a horse related website.

Keep inspiring with your work!

Danielle Barlow said...

Great post Jen, thanks for mentioning me! I LOVE the Matt Cipov prints, I've often been tempted by his work , and you know how much I love Kerry's ( I've got 4 of her originals!). I have just used my christmas money to buy 3 more prints. I'll show them off when they arrive!
The barettes are really lovely, by the way!
Happy New Year!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Very nice collection you have going there! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to start a collection of ACEO prints. I think you just provided me with some great places to start!

threemoonbabies said...

That's a great resolution to make...buying handmade. sure is fun getting these treasures in the mail! P.s. Your artwork is beautiful!

artbyakiko said...

Your have a wonderful collection of art that is displayed beautifully. I am so lucky to have originals from some of the artists you mentioned. Will check out the others. They are all awesome!!

Caren said...

Jennifer, thanks so much for posting my painting! I had forgotten which painting you bought, it has been a number of years ago. Nice trip down memory lane. Happy New Year!

Bluebirdcrafts said...

Happy New Year!!! I Love your blog! I remember my mom always telling me to marry a farmer because I'm so horse crazy!

lyptis said...

Interesting art work! Nice pieces!

U got a great collection!:)

Leah Fry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your art.

I was born in St. Marys, PA (Elk County), and lived in Bethlehem and West Chester. I have been in Texas long enough now to consider myself a Texan. Most of my family still live in PA.

Do you have Gypsy Vanners? At one time I thought I might like one, but now that I actually have horses, I appreciate my little 14.2 App and 15.2 Arab. Being middle aged makes me a lot more conscious of how far down the ground is!

Carolee said...

Well said, and having seen your collection in person, I'll echo the comments about how beautiful these pieces are!

I seriously need to take the occasional break from creating and BUY more original art this year! :)

~ Carolee

twenty pound tabby said...

Oh, I'm thinking about buying more Etsy stuff. And I just enjoyed myself looking at all the pretty paintings in your shop. While I was looking at your pendants, I remembered I saw a gypsy cob horse for the first time this year at a festival. And at this same festival we danced an old English folk dance called "Cobb's Horse".