Sunday, February 22, 2009

Woo Hoo!

I finally got a scanner! Thank you Circuit City going out of business sale.

Since I've been painting a series of jumpers from Devon lately, I wanted to share some of my photos of one of my favorite horse and rider pairs, Michael Matz and Judgement. These photos were taken with my old Pentax K1000 at the American Gold Cup around 1999. Matz won that year in a breath taking jump off. He is such and incredible horseman. Not only an Olympic gold medalist, he trained Kentucky Derby winning Barbaro and saved 4 young children when the airplane they were on crashed in 1989! What an amazing man!

You can see the love in his expression as he gives Judgement a pat in the warm up ring. Maybe I'll have to turn one of these photos into a painting someday!
Please click on each photo to view a larger image.

I have two wonderful people I must thank today. Angie of Free Rein Art - I was fortunate enough to win her first blog giveaway, a darling wild horse magnet featuring her art, "September Stallion".
Thank you so much Angie!

And last but certainly NOT least, Horseypants for my newest blog award.
Thank you so much you guys make my day!

Oh yeah, one more thing. As much as I don't want to sell them, I've added my four newest original ACEO paintings to Ebay tonight. Each one represents several hours of work. I have a really good scan of each so hopefully I will able to make prints soon.


Carol Buck & Dottie Martz said...

beautiful photos!

Jennifer Rose said...

yay! for getting a scanner :)

very nice action shots

Kathleen Coy said...

Great photos Jen, love the action shots! :-)

blackfeatherfarm said...

Have fun with your new scanner ! Always loved Michael Matz, nice photos too.

Totally Timmy said...

I really respect M.Matz. He's always treated the horses right. It was unfortunate what happen to Barbaro but maybe he'll have another triple crown prospect soon!

Danielle Barlow said...

Lovely photos! Lucky you getting a new scanner - mine is good, but I'm now wishing I had an A3 scanner and printer, instead of a smaller one.
The new ACEOs are looking great!

jane augenstein said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful horse!
Congrats on the award and winning the drawing! New scanner, I love new electronic toys!! :-)

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Congrats on the new scanner. I drove by Circuit City with my husband the other day and he just gave me that look that said, 'oh no, just keep driving.' LOL. I wondered if they had anything left worth buying. Love your new aceo's. Have a happy week!

Linda said...

He's GORGEOUS. Congrats on the scanner. I also went to the CC sale--but it was last month and they were only 10-20 percent off everything.

You know, I can't add comments at the Whoa ARt Team blog. Are people still having trouble with it? I'm going to post my comment here since one of the pieces I mentioned is your buckskin pendant!

Gypsy Mare's Buckskin pendant (reminds me of my horse--love it) and Lucy Calhoun's, Wyoming Summer, to name two, but there are many more I named in my last posts--but lost them. Kudos to all of the artists here and the beautiful equestrian pieces you are producing! Thank you!

Anna said...

I just found your blog today but everything here is just Beautiful!! Love it.