Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tiger Cheese

Sorry, this post isn't about tiger cheese (although that is one of my husband's favorite cheeses - the cheese with the tiger on the label). I've been tagged again, this time by Linda over at The Briar Rose Gate. I had to play along because this one seemed really fun. The rules are take the 6th picture out of the 6th folder on my computer and blog about it. Since I have two huge picture folders that contain tons of sub folders and hundreds of photos, I've decided to do two photos.
The 6th picture out of the 6th folder on my hard drive was of a tiger from the Philly Zoo (America's 1st Zoo!). It was taken soon after they built their new Big Cat Falls, a really nice enclosure for the large cats. This picture was taken in the winter, the best time to visit the zoo if you hate crowds. I think when we went that time there were about 10 people in the whole place. We had a great time sitting and watching the cats. Tigers are my husband's favorite animal and we'll probably go there on Monday, his birthday.

The second picture was from my external drive where I store most of my photos. Oddly enough this is another photo from Alkmaar, Holland which I just posted about a week ago. The 6th picture in that folder is of a lady wearing in traditional Dutch dress on the opening spring day of the town's big weekly cheese market. You can see the Kaas Museum behind her. I didn't go into the cheese museum because I don't care that much about learning about cheese. I was more interested in the local beer museum:)

So today the little one went to spend the night at her "Grammy's" house and I get the next 2 days to paint! I haven't had a moment to paint in over a week so I'm really excited. I have two signs started and two commissions to work on.
Off to paint now!


Meghann said...

Very neat photos! I didn't realize you were doing this and I tagged you in my 5/5 meme blog, which you can see here: http://meglittlestudio.blogspot.com/
Feel free to participate or not :)

blackfeatherfarm said...

Fun post, great pics !

Jocelyn said...

I love Tiger Cheese and BEER!

Love the LAdy from Holland picture!

Zan Asha said...

Nice pics :)

Jennifer Rose said...

have a nice time painting :) lovely photos. that is a lot of cheese in that cart lol

jane augenstein said...

Oh, LOVE the tiger picture!!! Beautiful!!