Friday, August 14, 2009

Macro makes me giddy...

I am absolutely gaga over macro! You know, that little flower button on your digital camera that makes super close up photos look amazing? I walk around my garden several times a week (sometimes a day) taking really close up pictures of my flowers. I love to see the fine hairs, the tiny veins, the itsy bitsy spiders.
What's really cool is downloading them to my computer and getting to see all the details you don't normally see with the eye. Mother nature truly is the finest artist around!

On a separate note, I was walking out to the garden today with a clean and newly filled hummingbird feeder when a little female ruby throated hummer stopped me in my tracks and started to drink! My I was so insanely excited, my heart was beating like a, well, hummingbird's! Man, do I wish I had my camera. I'll have to work one getting some photos of these gorgeous birds before the end of summer!

So here's some macro shots - click on each photo for a larger image.

In the studio I've finished a few more pendants for Etsy including one made from a littleTennessee Spinner gourd that I grew in my garden last year! I thought it would only be fitting to paint a pumpkin on it. I have a few more I hope to add to Etsy soon.
And I really like this Unicorn Tapestry inspired pendant too.

Here's to a wonderful weekend! I'll be finishing up a harvest moon welcome sign for EHAG's August challenge.


Tangi Adopt A Rescue said...

Just saw your post on twitter and clicked on over to see your macro photos.

>I walk around my garden several times a week (sometimes a day) taking really close up pictures of my flowers.

Me too! Gotta love high tech when it helps you view and enjoy nature even more. Don't you just love the on screen surprises of bugs that you didn't even notice on the flower or plant when you took the shot -- so cool.

By the way, great shots and thanks for posting them.

--@jonisolis on twitter

Jennifer Rose said...

really nice shot of the butterfly :) getting a shot of the hummingbird would have been great. it does show that they see you as a food source and that you are not going to eat them, what little there is of them lol might end up perching on your fingers if you sat by the feeder enough :)

Sarah said...

These are wonderful!!! I am right there with you..I adore my macro lens!! Yup is a passion now. I even opened a new Etsy shop for the photos!!! YIkes..I'm in deep!!
Your shots..divine!! You have a wonderful eye girl!!!
I also love the new little pendants!! Wonderful!!
Hugs, Sarah

Lin said...

The butterfly photo is really good--it's tough to sneak up and get close to them! Nice!

magikalseasons said...

Beautiful photos! I love that Macro button too! I really like your pumpkin necklace!

First Draught Farm said...

Argh! I wanna Macro!! Those pix are awesome!

dellartist said...

Macro is great. All your photos are lovely, but that butterfly is absolutely incredible!
I just loved the story about the hummingbird helping herself to your feeder. What a precious moment! It is one of those times when people never have their camera, but thanks for sharing in words.
Love the pendants, too. Especially the Unicorn. Such beautiful work in such a small space.

Sonia ;) said...

So beautiful the pictures and the always Im wowed with your work....


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Gorgeous butterfly close-up! Love your new necklaces, too.

Kathleen Coy said...

I'm ga-ga over that unicorn pendant! :-)
LOVE the photos Jen, especially the black-eyed susan and the swallowtail!