Saturday, August 29, 2009

Martha My Dear,

Your Halloween issue ROCKS! When I heard that this special issue was out on the shelves I rushed to my local bookstore in hopes of securing a copy (like I do every year - it is the best Halloween magazine out there). Little did I know what a tremendous surprise was in store for me when I got there.
I nearly had to be taken out on a stretcher when I saw that on the cover was the most magnificent, spooktacular photograph of you as a ghostly equestrienne with your gorgeous black Friesian Rutger! Oh how I am still swooning over that breathtaking horse! I knew you would eventually see how utterly magical Halloween horses are!
Thank you for showing the rest of the world!
~Jennifer Gypsy Mare Studios

I am also very excited to share a sneak peek of my newest Headless Horseman folk art painting. I will have him up on Ebay tomorrow night although I will have a very hard time parting ways with this piece!

I'm not usually a person that posts a lot of blog awards but Linda at Pyewacketts gave me this cool, witchy award that I think Martha herself would approve of!


Carol............. said...

The magazine cover is definitely AWESOME..........that horse...absolutely gorgeous......
Thanks for sharing!

Sonia ;) said...

Oh gorgeous cover....Congrats on the deserved.

xoxo S

Marbella Designs said...

I saw this at the store and loved the cover photo. I just didn't have time to browse through it. I'll have to go back and get it. Thanks for your post.

photogchic said...

Took me awhile to realize that was Martha! I might have to buy that one. Martha may be your new muse:-)

vintagepaletteart said...

Oh love that martha cover! Where did you get that Jen? I've been looking for it on the net. I would love to put it and a link on the PFATT blog. Thanks Jen! =o)


mrsb said...

Oh, I'm so in love with your art! How wonderful!

And I am still lacking the Martha Halloween edition. None in any of my local grocery stores! Tomorrow, as soon as the kids are on their buses, I'm taking myself off to the craft store. If they are lucky, they'll have a copy for me, lol!