Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little old, a little new and one cute cat!

By my senior year in high school they ran out of art classes for me to take. Weird, I know, but it was a very small, rural school. I was allowed to make up my own class, Advanced Art, and I was given free rein to explore whatever type of media I wished (I even was able to grade myself - guess who got A's?).
My photography class was down a distant hallway which held all of the industrial arts classes. Not many girls went down this hall except for me. I was always curious about the woodworking shop so I persuaded the instructor to let me do a sculpting project for art class (I think he was happy to see a girl in his class). After showing him my sketches, he hooked me up with a gorgeous hunk of wood and handed me some chistels and a small ax. The grain fit the piece so beautifully I torched it (very scary) and used a wire brush to bring out the beautiful pattern.

Well, here is my sculpture from 18 years ago. Recently rescued from my mom's house and a little banged up. It's the only piece of art I've decided to hang on to from my youth. I think it's kind of cool.

"In Harmony"

Riding high on my win for the Trail of Painted Ponies design contest, I've created another original Painted Pony titled, "If Wishes Were Horses". Inspired by the beauty of horses, childhood fantasy and dancing Lipizzaners. Painted with my favorite colors, purple and green, as the background and base colors. I'm really happy with how he turned out and will put him on  Ebay  today.

And one last photo just because she's the finest thing I've ever created, my daughter Zoe showing some love to her kitty, Pumpkin!


DeLaRenaissance said...

Jen, that wood sculpture is beautiful! The wood grain is perfect! I remember in high school signing up with my artistic girlfriend for an architectural design class and being the only girls! Different, but we loved the class! Beautiful horse Jen, and such a cute picture of your daughter!

phaedra96 said...

I love that sculpture. The wood grain makes the piece. What a happy cat and happy Zoe. I went to look at your painted pony. I have to say I love the Lippizaner piece more. They are so elegant and you captured that essence.

Angie @ Ranch Dressing said...

Very nice sculpture, I can see why you held on to it. I have one I did in college that is metal and now is in my herb garden.

Oh, and I totally missed out on your Trail of Painted Ponies win...congratulations! I've always wanted to enter and have I need time. Maybe someday!


what a magnificent wood sculpture! truly magnificent - beautifully executed! and a first piece, to boot! wow!

and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your wishes horse - just simply beautiful, lady! what talent you have!

thank you so much for dropping by one of my places - your visits are always a joy!

Bonnie Story said...

Wonderful blog post! All of your creations are delightful! Cheers, Bonnie

joanne May said...

What a lovely wooden carving. A very natural form...
Beautiful kitty too.
Good to see you again.
Best wishes for 2010.:)

JeniQ said...

I love the new title graphic! Great piece of art... very classic and natural. My daughter is like you - she's taken ever art class there is and is now in "self study". She's chosen photography as her project.

Your daughter is beautiful.

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

I think I walked down that same Industrial Arts hallway! I can't believe the similarities! lol
Great wood carving Jen!

Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

The sculpture is fantastic - I love the grain!

Love the "painted pony" too. Once, as Christmas gifts, I bought a couple of small Breyer horses and painted them (I'm talking stockings and stars, nothing complicated) to look like my two friend's horses.

The last photo is adorable.

Amy Combs said...

Beautiful Sculpture! Makes me want to raid my mother's house and see what I can find!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Jen,

The sculpture is just great! I really need to dig out my high school portfolio, but it's buried behind so much stuff! I guess I'll just have to view what my parents have hanging from their walls for now. I love your new painting - very cool. Hope it sells for a bundle on ebay.
Your daughter and kitty are beyond cute! Have a great day!
Theresa :)

Designs By CK said...

Lovely painted pony & interesting sculpture! '-)

Popping in 4 a belated hello & happy 2010 lady!

Your SpOOky fiend,


Jennifer Rose said...

gorgeous sculpture :D great shape to it

Rue said...

Awww - Zoe and Pumpkin make a purrrfect pair (sorry - couldn't resist!)

Love the sculpture - you did deserve an "A"!

Nancy said...

Love that sculpture- Love your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine and check back in the morning if you are interested in a tutorial for the green grocer bags.
Have a wonderful weekend.
A gypsy at heart,

~tinyartjewelry~ said...

I too have a piece that I have held on to from my high school silversmithing class. And in a strange way it reminds me of your wood sculpture. The painted horse is outstanding and I hope the bidding goes through the roof.
Pic of kiity and your little they say...priceless

First Draught Farm said...

And to think that on the 30th you had complaints of being in a funk creatively. . . . Sure can't see it!! PS: Love the harmony piece.

iolair914 said...

I love your sculpture. I went down that hallway in our HS too. I made my mother a swanky recipe box. Growing up I did all manner of small wood work projects. In a previous school I even did leather work. I was raised to be crafty.

*CFD* ^..^~~~

Heather said...

Ok, not sure how I missed this!

That sculpture is AMAZING!!!!