Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art Museum Part 2

Today I thought we should take my niece and nephew to the Delaware Art Museum to see the exhibit of over 60 original Dinotopia works by illustrator James Gurney. I went in knowing about the books and art but I hadn't read the books and dinosaurs, while interesting, aren't really my cup of tea. Well, we were completely blown away by this show - completely. Gurney's imagination and painting skill is absolutely incredible. I felt like the picture frames were windows and I was looking through to another world. His handling of light, shadow and color were brilliant and I really loved the character and personality he gave to the dinosaurs. If you live anywhere near Delaware, please do yourself (and your kids, if you have them) a favor and go see this show which runs through May 16th. I can't wait to read the books now!

After viewing Dinotopia, we walked the rest of the museum and I snapped a few photos of some of my favorite paintings of the day. Click on each painting for a larger image.

This Howard Pyle mermaid painting was a big hit with everyone!

A huge painting made to look like stained glass. Sorry, I don't recall the artist.

A small painting created by an illustrator for a book or magazine.
I love the Pegasus.

The greyhounds are great aren't they? Painting by Thomas Wilmer Dewing.

This George Inness painting, "Early Autumn - Monclair", painted in 1891, really drew me in. I could look at that one all day.


Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Hi Jen,
Sounds like an amazing exhibition. The old tree in the Inniss painting looks like a Lord of the Rings, Ent. :-)James Gurney has an amazing mind and illustrative style and he's been a favorite of mine.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Really gorgeous photos, Jen. I've never read the Dinotopia books, either, but I've seen the artwork in them and know how fantastic it is. I love that painting by George Inness as well. How I'd love to be in that field sitting underneath that glorious tree! Theresa

Janine said...

Wow. that is a wonderful museum.
I love the paintings.
You must have been a great day.

Jennifer Rose said...

I am so jealous you saw the Dinotopia exhibit, love his work :)

ruthie said...

Hi and thank you for following my faerietale of inspiration blog. What an amazing exhibition, i love the piece like a stained glass window, amazing colour. beautiful.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

What a wonderful exhibition!

Meghann LittleStudio said...

*sigh* what fabulous art! you must have dreams now about the pieces - I know I always do after a particularly good one :)

Jessie said...

I love Dinotopia! I bet that exhibit was amazing!!!

joanne May said...

Hi Jen,
This exhibition looks beautiful and all the old paintings still look so vibrant. I especially like the mermaid painting!:)
Someone gave me a card once, with this image on the front... It is great to see how big the original painting is in your photo.
I also love the Pegasus. I have just made a picture bracelet with a pegasus. They are wonderful mythical creatures.
Thank you for sharing your gallery visit.:)

Leslie Hawes said...

Inness is wonderful.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

These are all such beautiful photos and I love seeing children in museums and opening their minds to art.

Lin said...

Looks like a good day and lots of inspiration!

Tammie Lee said...

Oh! It looks like you had a wonderful time at this show. I would love to see it, the art is incredible. Thank you for sharing.

Linda said...

Beautiful, what a day you must have enjoyed it immensly. Linda:)