Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's Blooming Wednesday

I tilled another garden.
I know, I just tilled one last week. I have indeed lost my mind. I had three areas that needed connected and then I added a little for more perennials. I also saved $50 from Christmas and bought a bunch of flowers I didn't have: a crazy daisypurple toad flax and an assortment of perennial salvias. Also found some great perennials on Craig's List for $1. What's a plant addict to do? Guess in another few years I can open up for tours:)
Here's what's blooming this Wednesday. What's blooming in your yard?

Lovely anemone in my favorite colors. I forgot I planted these:)

One of my absolute favorites, lily of the valley.
The flowers look like fairy bonnets.

Gorgeous lilacs. Not many blooms this year for some reason.

This is my studio window. Don't I have a nice view? I have a bird feeder mounted to my window.  Chickadee friends stop in and say hello during the day.

I'm a sucker for swirly things so you can imagine my delite to find this tulip with an unusual leaf this morning.

The new garden. Still needs a few annuals up front.
Found the rusty jack o' lantern garden stake at a yard sale last weekend for $1!

My newest Painted Pony, Wild Flower. Always a exciting to find ponies blooming in the garden. This one has 16 different types of wildflowers painted on her sides. Working on a new rearing pony. I have resculpted the mane and tail and I'm painting him a dark dappled palomino. He will look like he's just pranced out of a fairy tale.

Thank you Promise for the lovely blog award:)


Jennifer Rose said...

I love anemones :D

Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

"Ponies blooming in the garden" cute! If I had miniature ponies blooming in my garden I would never be in the house! :D

What a wonderful bunch of blooms you have going! My flowers seem to be spread out quite a bit so it seems like I don't have much going on. But my peonies are about to burst open and I'm looking forward to that.

I planted some dwarf toadflax last summer and they were just so cute! Loved them!

First Draught Farm said...

I think you've finally caught up. I love your "old timey" lilac . . . much different from the one I got down here when I moved that just doesn't do it for me, but it does smell heavenly.

Love Wildflower Pony. ~kat

Lisa said...

Love the painted pony! You have all that blooming already? Wonder why nothing except a few daffodils have bloomed for me. We're not that far from each other! :(
Your pictures are lovely, as usual.

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Hey Jen! I've never heard of Purple Toad Flax and now you've peaked my interest! Love the curled Tulip leaf, How cool!.. and the rearing garden/flower painted pony... oh wow! :-)
~ Deb

Sarah said...

Oh what fun...stunning shots hon!! I looooove the curly leaf..wowza!!
Your garden is wonderful. We have a few tulips and forsynthia..but that is all so far!
I am just loving your horse girl!! Wonderful!
Hugs, Sarah

Kath said...

beutiful photos. That translucent purple is delicious. I love your painted pony!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh the flowers are GORGEOUS! I love those lilies of the valley. They're too precious. Our lilacs are just started to bloom in full. Plus, there appears to be a blue jay's nest in it. I'm so excited as it's right next to our back door! I love how your newest Painted Pony is reflective of all the gorgeous flowers in your gardens. Wonderful work! Theresa :)

Crystal Cook said...

Those are all so beautiful! That's so neat that they're right in your backyard. I love that swirly thing too!!

Beautiful painted pony!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Thanks for sharing your luscious photos of your little piece of heaven on earth!
Oh...your painted pony is divine as well!

Lin said...

That is a very cool find--the curly leaf. Good eyes!

JeniQ said...

Very pretty flowers Jen. That curly leaf is awesome.

Of course I love that pony *grins*


dellartist said...

You have all the loveliest spring flowers flowers! The lilies of the valley and lilacs are my sentimental favorites. And Oh, what a gorgeous horse! I love it!!!!

By Way of Salem said...

Jen, with ALL you do, how do you have the time to do all this wonderful gardening! Whatever your secret is, please share it with me! I can use some of your get up and go!!! Really gorgeous - you have such a wonderful touch. Jeannine

Linda said...

You do have some wonderful things going on in your garden. I'm making my wish list now. I'll have to add lily of the valley. I saw a white daffodil I want, too--Poet's Narcissus--but I'll need to plant it in fall. So, I'm going to make a bulb order soon here. :)We're just starting to bloom in Spokane, btw--so we're way behind you.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I always enjoy your posts Jen!! Your green thumb must be huge...does it get in the way when you sculpt and paint? ~giggle!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the outdoors! I look forward to more pictures!

Kristen said...

Your painted pony is beautiful. I love black. I have been dying to till another garden in my yard but I get the evil eye, he doesn't like to have to mow around stuff and we already have a bunch of gardens, I have a list of plants I want to buy too. I'll keep pouting till I get my way!!

That swirly tulip is a neat picture
My lilac still does not get any flowers, my neighbors have a huge one so I can smell it in my yard.

Hope you are getting this nice weather we have now!! Love your pictures as usual!

Valeriote Design said...

It's all so gorgeous! I don't think I'd get much accomplished if I had that view from my studio window. Too many beautiful distractions :}

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Oh wow, these are all amazing. The lilacs and tulips are gorgeous.