Monday, March 14, 2011

Mastering Luck

Speaking on the phone last night with my dad, I told him I thought I was very lucky these last few years and he said that Napoleon chose his generals on their ability to master luck. So, is it truly luck? The ability to make good decisions? Putting yourself in the position to succeed? Perhaps. I consider myself a happy person that would rather focus on the positive rather than dwell on past negative experiences. No one likes to fail but using failure to help you grow and learn is another huge part of it. Surrounding yourself with like minded, happy people is also helpful.

I am so grateful to know the multi talented Zan Asha of Beyond Vagabond and Vagabond Creations. I have never met her in person but I feel like she radiates the positive energy I like to surround myself with.
And guess who won Zan's latest giveaway? You got it...  lucky me! In the mail today I was fortunate to find this beautiful beeswax ornament. Make your own luck and hop on over to her Etsy Shop to see what other wonderful pieces she has for sale.

Zan was so sweet to include in the package this adorable handmade bunny in the package for my daughter Zoe too (and some awesome Halloween cards)!

Thank you to everyone for their fabulous birthday wishes! I had a wonderful weekend full of flowers, friends, good food and music.
I was so lucky to get a spot right up front at the Pete Yorn concert. Even got a few good shots with my camera.

His band did an amazing job too...




WOW! Thanks for introducing me to Pete Yorn. Love his sound. Also smitten with the cute bunny.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! What is that you ask? Me screaming because I absolutely love Pete Yorn! How lucky you were to see him in person. Thanks for posting some photos - he's not only talented but he's not hard on the eyes, either. I love Zan's work! I own a few of her pieces. She is so incredibly talented and so kind to send a sweet gift for Zoe. Theresa

Zan Asha said...

Hello Sweet Jen! Thank you so much for mentioning my humble little work! You know I LOVE your work, and I STILL want to live in your neighborhood because you seem so incredibly kind and imaginative and also, because your pictures of nature and farmlife are SO amazing!

Thank you thank you for your friendship--and thanks for sending over the sweet card of thanks, but you did not need to do it!
Zan :)