Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adventure Aquarium

 I stood for quite awhile trying to get a good photo of a clown fish and the funniest thing is that everyone that passed me said, "Look, the Nemo fish!". Even people that spoke different languages:)

A perfect Saturday at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. I think I prefer this one to the aquarium in Baltimore. Far less crowds, easy to park. One of the things that was really neat is that they played nice classical music as you looked at the fish. The two things worked very well together.

The face on the green sawfish above us was hilarious.
The jelly fish below was feeding I think. Click on the photo for a larger view. Looks like some small particles of food are caught in the hair like tentacles.

I love the leafy sea dragons, just wish I could get a better photo.

This one looks like he's been around for a million years!

I like this shark ray or bowmouth guitarfish.

Adventure Aquarium is great for kids, lots of touch pools. 
This ray tank was so much fun and the rays seemed to enjoy the interaction.

The hippos were really active today!

Biting an old tire. Look at those teeth!

Zoe found a great place to take a rest! 

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

Jacques Yves Cousteau


LuLu Kellogg said...

I would be in heaven! Fish are so soothing to watch. Fabulous pictures!

Studio at the Farm said...

Jennifer, you are really spending your weekends in some cool places!!! Thank you for putting up your photos!


The sea is indeed filled with wonder. So many unusual creatures. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit at the aquarium through your photos.

Spiritartartist said...

Wow, you really get around girl! Thanks for the tour. The jellies are my favorite there. (I like seeing them BEHIND GLASS!) Gorgeous!!

Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

How cool it would be to have a little resting place like that at home.. just to sit in the crecent and watch the fishies! Ahhh. Great shots as usual.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

These are amazing photos! I love going to aquariums. That sawfish is pretty hysterical. I've never seen a hippo up close, so it was cool to see your photos. Thanks for sharing them. Theresa

Jennifer Rose said...

great photos :D it can be so hard getting nice photos of fish through the tank glass.

Zoe found the most perfect place to rest :D would love a seat like that in my house lol