Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Longwood

A few more photos from our Monday trip to Longwood Gardens
It was in the 60's outside and we were able to walk around without our coats. 
I loved how the winterberry bushes looked with the little spring house. I must get some of those!

My husband gave me my Christmas gift early, a Canon macro lens. It captured this oak leafed hydrangea beautifully. I must get one of those shrubs too, the foliage is amazing this time of year when everything else is just brown.

We went around the lake and said hello to the geese. 
Next we headed out to the meadow, one of my favorite spots that is often overlooked.
I think this next photo looks like Andrew Wyeth would have painted it, it was practically in his backyard.

I think this is my favorite shot of the day...

Trees lit near the Peirce DuPont house. Not dark yet but still pretty. 

Inside the house the trees looked so beautiful. 

You can ALWAYS find Belin in the house. Not a bad life being a cat at Longwood Gardens!

After dinner we went into the main conservatory. Even though it was members only day, it was still crowded and I had a hard time getting the perfect shot.

See my last post, Gingerbread Fantasy, for more inside the main conservatory. 

The macro lens made the backround light bokeh look quite magical

By the time we were finished, it was dark outside so we could enjoy the amazing display.

Very hard to capture how beautiful it is in photos. You just have to see for yourself!

We could see the crescent moon everywhere we went.

This video was from last year but it gives you an idea of how beautiful the lights are. 


Margaret said...

...I kept reading, oohing along the way and saying "this is my favorite" ... over and over again. Wow. What a stunningly beautiful day you had. I'm sure you took over 100 photos - which canon macro lens?

Really breathtaking photos! Love them.

Lin said...

Wow. The conservatory reminds me of Willy Wonka's candy room--except it is for grown-ups. I can't imagine having a room like that in my HOUSE! Wow.

Again and again....lovely, lovely photos. A treat for my eyeballs!

Jennifer Rose said...

lovely shots :D love the lights!



BeBe said...

What is this magical place!!!

Studio at the Farm said...

A feast for the eyes, Jen!!! That farm scene really does look like a Wyeth painting. Thank you for the fabulous photos! :)

Dom said...

Agreed. A feast for the eyes! Gorgeous colors.