Thursday, January 12, 2012

Warm Winter

Like much of the country, it's been unusually warm this winter (except for snow in October). Today it's supposed to get into the mid 50's. 
I still have all sorts of plants growing in the garden. Even the snowdrops are threatening to bloom. 
I love how the raindrops cling to the leaf hairs on the lupine leaf above. 
The photo below is my kale. I wasn't able to harvest any in the fall because bugs were eating the leaves. 
Perhaps we'll be able to eat some soon. I heard kale chips are yummy

 Look, I still have a flower in my garden! I can't believe this pretty primrose keeps chugging along.

This morning I was playing around a really high aperture to get a sunburst effect on the raindrops. 
I think my camera was set at f/20 for these. 

And this week I received the most adorable original Holiday Hummingbird painting I won from my 
friend Sandy Sandy's blog giveaway. Have I mentioned before that I'm lucky? 


Robin Larkspur said...

Love that sunburst effect on the plant. Congrats on winning Sandy's hummer!! You are lucky!!

Zan Asha said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures (again)! Yes, it's mild here on the East Coast, thankful there's no snow shoveling involved!

Have a happy day, Jen :)

joanne May said...

Good to hear we are not the only ones having a warm winter. Flowers are blooming now and we have lots of ladybirds in our house. They are never around usually in cold January.
Love the hummingbird painting, it makes me wish for some snow! ;-)

Leah's Art Magic said...

I love the effects you got with the sunburst!

Funny you should post about Kale chips I was talking with my hub yesterday about making some. I've never had any but I hear they are good tasting and good for you.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Your photography is still my favorite, hands down.

It's unseasonably warm here too...60 today! Unheard of for this time of year!


Rue said...

Beautiful photos! We've had a milder than normal Winter too - although the cold has blown in now. We are getting an unusual amount of sunlight for our little Valley, but I'm all for it!

Can't wait to see some growth again in the garden!

Studio at the Farm said...

There you go again, Jen, stimulating my case of camera-envy! :) Your pics just get better and better.

Linda said...

You captured a sun-twinkle! Magic! I love Sandy's hummingbirds, too. You are a very lucky girl.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that photo with the water droplets is gorgeous :D

Lin said...

It's just the weirdest weather this year--we just got our first snow and everyone is freaking out like it's 25 inches--we got around 3. Sheesh.

As always, the photos are stunning. :)

CameraCruise said...

Beautiful photos,my favorite is the first.
Have a great weekend.

BeBe said...

We are having crazy weather too...and interesting enough I just had Kale the other night for the first time! It was good!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Such gorgeous photos! Hard to believe it's been this warm this winter - although we don't have anything growing in the yard - except for some curly parsley! LOL Congrats on winning that hummingbird painting - it's gorgeous!

ruthie said...

Such beautiful images. We have snowdrops out in the wood up here! So unusual.

Tammie Lee said...

your photographs are magical, treasures indeed!
and yes, a charming hummer indeed!