Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road Trip!

We just got back from visiting my old friend Hope and her family in Oneonta, NY. 
I love driving up through PA and NY, the mountains are so beautiful. 

Zoe loves Hope and  hates to leave her when it's time to go home. 
Most of the time we're there, Zoe is stuck to Hope's side. 
We also got to meet their newest family member, Nermal. What a sweet kitty!
Hope and her husband Joe are artists and specialize in retro, 8-bit designs. 
Check out their etsy shop - Blackbird and Peacock. I love their t-shirts.

One of our favorite things to do is visit Cooperstown, NY. 
This weekend was induction weekend for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Needless to say the town was really hopping! It was not so busy at the Farmer's Museum though, which was our destination. We passed this museum last year and I have been wanting to visit ever since. It's a lot like Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster. 

Lot's of sweet animals to photograph. 
More photos on my flickr site.

A little hummingbird found me at the Farmer's Museum. 
She flew right up to my face in the apothecary garden. 

Loved the print shop. My grandfather was an old school printer from the time he was 8.
I often would sit in his shop and watch him work setting type and inking the press. 

To top off our wonderful visit we saw my husband's favorite band, Death Cab for Cutie, at Ommegang Brewery (their Rare Vos beer is to die for). 
It was Zoe's first concert and she had a blast!
My husband took this shot with his phone since they wouldn't let me bring my camera in. 


jinxxxygirl said...

Thanks so much for sharing! LOVED that second picture of the sheep. How did you get him to pose that way! LOL! Hugs! deb

Robin Larkspur said...

Beautiful area to visit! Zoe is growing faster and faster! What a great trip you all had.
I just came back from visiting Sandy Sandy and her wonderful home! You can read about on my blog.
Take care!!

Lin said...

I like the smiling sheep. :) and those hummingbirds are like that--gotta get in your face to figure you out. They always make me laugh.

Oh, everyone here is all in a buzz over Ron Santo getting in. Me--I'm a White Sox fan--don't care much for those darn Cubs.


Wonderful memories from your trip blinked into permanance. I smiled at the description of your grandfather setting type. My husband did too in his youth. We donated an old press and all the type to the local museum. LOVED that yellow house with all the flowers. Put a white picket fence around it and I'm moving in. LOL LOVELY photos, as always.

Zan Asha said...

Love it! Love all of it! Barns, animals...and you KNOW hummingbirds love you, no matter where you go!

Hope to see you soon, too! :)

Hugs! Zan

Dom said...

I used to spend the end of every summer in Walton and Oneonta. It's so gorgeous up there.

Margaret said...

Wow... an especially heart lifting, awe inspiring post! Photos are lovely, lovely!