Tuesday, September 9, 2008


H.T. MacNeill sketching a house.

There is a live auction on ebay in a few days for one of my Great Grandfather Henry T. MacNeill's original pen and ink drawings. I thought it was such a cool thing to find on ebay. Unfortunately I never met HT, he died before I was born. I very much look up to the man and feel that some of my artistic talent must have come from his side of the family. I have always been very proud of the MacNeill name and HT is one of the reasons why I hyphenate my last name. HT was proud to be of Scottish ancestry and named the house and he built with my Grandfather, Barra, after the small island in the Outer Hebrides that the MacNeill clan hails from.

Henry T. MacNeill with my grandfather, Stephen Moylan MacNeill on the left. Pop-pop was named after distant relative, Colonel Stephen Moylan.

One of my favorite HT sketches of Washington's Headquarters. The MacNeill family has long had an interest in Revolutionary War history.

Kisimul Castle - Barra, Scotland.


Eucina Emma said...

Hello Jennifer,
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing HT MacNeill actually creating his pen and ink drawing!
I have two of his sketches and the information about him is very interesting

Jennifer MacNeill said...

I would love to see those sketches if you ever feel like emailing me a photo... jmacneill@hotmail.com
Thank you:)

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer -

I collect MacNeill postcards. Do you have any to sell? I am especially interested in ones near Phoenixville, where I live. By the way - the photo in this blog is of H. T. MacNeil in front of Moore Hall, a pre-Revolutionary home in Schuylkill Township, Phoenixville, PA. It in service as part of Washington's encampment at Valley Forge.

Peter Brown