Monday, October 22, 2012

Fair Hill

On Thursday and Saturday I went to the Fair Hill International Three Day Event with my mom. 
Here are some photos I took. Lot's to see: dressage, dogs, jumping. Even a falconer was there!
More on my Flickr page

My mom and her jug dog, Lilly (pug - jack russell cross)


Dom said...

I don't know if it's because I've ridden there so much, or what, but I have been so captivated by this series from you.

De la Renaissance said...

Gorgeous images!!!

Lin said...

Beautiful!! Your photos are always incredible, but mix in the dressage....wowie!

I like the dog flying through the air too!

Studio at the Farm said...

Fabulous, Jen! Some of those jumps look very scary! And do tell your mom I think her "jug" is utterly adorable!!!

Margaret said...

I started out "Wow, that 2nd photo is special... then the 2nd and 4th, then ahhhh.. the 5th as well... ha ha the 6th too... well, it went on and on.

So, well, these are ALL fantastic!

Pat Wooldridge said...

Jen, I've just seen your blog. As you know, I'm following you on Twitter; thanks for following me back.
The 2 shows you've recently attended were wonderful, weren't they! Your photography is lovely!!

One last thought: I read your blog message so quickly that I thought it said, ..."dressage dogs jumping"
...and thought,'Hey! Dressage dogs would be totally new!'It seemed so outlandish that I read it again and see that I haven't missed a new event after all.:-).

Linda D said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful animals! Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

wonderful photos makes me wish I could compete again. Lindax