Friday, November 2, 2007

Hello Christmas!

I thought I would share my newest sign. I will add it to ebay tonight.
I painted Santa riding on a warmblood horse. It made me think of the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas, celebrated on Dec. 6th to honor Saint Nicholas. Sinterklaas is like our Santa but he wears a red bishop's dress and carries a staff. He also is depicted riding a white horse over the rooftops named Amerigo. Dutch children leave their wooden shoes by the firplace and stuff them full of apples and carrots for Amerigo. In the morning they awake to find that Sinterklaas has left treats for them. Pretty fun holiday I think! So on this sign I've painted Santa or Sinterklaas, riding a Dutch Warmblood. He is out practicing some dressage moves before the big night.

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