Monday, November 26, 2007

I've been tagged...

So one of my friends and fellow bloggers tagged me this morning. I have to write 5 things about myself most people don't know and wouldn't otherwise ever know. Blah;P
Here you go:
1. I was almost born in Belgium. My mom was an assistant and cook for the Ambassador to Belgium's wife while she was pregnant with me and they had to move there and wanted her to go with them. That would have been cool. I love Europe.
2. My Great Grandfather was commissioned to draw very detailed sketches of Independence Hall in Philly during WWII just in case the Germans bombed it. Okay, that really wasn't about me but it was cool.
3. Here's another one not about me... My Grandfather shook hands with Einstein when he was a boy. He was attending a members only dinner with his mother at the Franklin Institute. Einstein was the speaker. They stepped out in the hallway and Einstein was standing there smoking a cigarette. He didn't speak English well but knew French so my Great Grandmother conversed with him in French.
4. I lived above a horse barn for almost 8 years.
5. Here's the saddest one. I am addicted to America's Next Top Model. I started watching it when I was channel surfing one night and they were showing these awesome, very arty photos that were taken on the contestants. I mainly watch it to look at the cool photos that were taken that episode. Besides drawing horses when I was a kid I drew a lot of dresses. I thought it would be fun to be a fashion designer. You'd never know this by looking at me because I can barely dress myself. My wardrobe consists mainly of jeans and t-shirts.
Okay, that's it. Very boring really - and a bit scary too.
I have no one to tag so if you're brave comment on this post and tell me something neat about yourself!


lvponies said...

OK....5 Things:

1. I lived in Brussels, Belgium & Paris, France as a child. My dad was in the army and we were stationed overseas for 3 years. I was 5-8 years old.

2. While living there, my parents put me in an all french speaking school. I was the only one at the school who spoke english. I became fluent in french very quickly!! Unfortunately, even after high school & college french, I can't speak it at all today.

3. Not about me, but my mother was a southern debutante. She went to balls, teas and socials. She was gorgeous in her white "coming out" gown.

4. While in Paris, we visited Notre Dam Cathedral. There was a procession of priests going down the aisle. One of the priests stopped and came to me and gave me a blessing. No one else, just me. Weird huh?

5. I lettered in drama in high school. Wasn't much of a performer, but was always available & willing to pass out programs and take tickets!! I was in a couple of plays, but just teensy parts!! I had a blast and loved high school!!


Jennifer said...

Wow Kim, that's so neat. I wish I could have grown up in Europe. I have always wanted to live there - anywhere - doesn't matter which country. I'd love to see a pic of your mother too, all dressed up in her white gown. She must have looked like a princess:)

DesignsbyCK said...

COOL tidbits Jen! Fun read and thanks for sharing!! :)

OK I have to say the Top Model thing is you said...I got hooked on Project Runway last year and REFUSE to watch it this year!!! TOO much DRAMA!!! LOL '-)

My 5 are on my blog if interested.

Chris :)