Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In the works...

Well, my husband went back to work today after a nice long Thanksgiving vacation so it's back to painting for me. We had a very nice time on Sunday at Longwood Gardens. I'll post a few pictures. My camera was acting funny so I didn't take many. The best part was their ballroom. It looked like the Snow Queen was about to hold a lavish dinner there. Everything was white and silver. Down the middle of the table was a snow covered table runner made out of moss. It was so pretty.
So I have a few things in mind to paint this week. Today I'll work on a hunter horse jumpinging through a wreath on a tavern sign. I also want to paint a horse running in the snow with a corgi. I hope to also paint a miniature horse sometime soon and another bunny piece. I bought a small wooden chest yesterday that I have a few ideas about but I'm not sold on anything yet. if you have any requests for ebay auctions, now is your time to get them to me.


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DesignsbyCK said...

Beautiful pics of Longwood...hope I get a chance to take a trip there before New Years!

Chris :)