Thursday, November 29, 2007

Santa's Sleigh

I finished a really nice piece today with Santa driving a dapple grey horse. The horse reminds me of an antique rocking horse that's come off his base. He also looks a bit like an Andalusian.

Yesteday I listed a miniature horse. This is the largest piece I have ever done with a mini. I had previously painted only two or three small signs. I hope to buy a mini someday. If the township says we can have one on our 1/2 acre. I think it would be fun to drive around the neighborhood since all the parks are linked by walking trails.

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Thanks for reading!


DesignsbyCK said...

Lovely! :)

PS: Thanks for your recent post on my blog re: my mural. I will try to post more mural pics in the near future!


Maggie Stiefvater said...

Jennifer, I found your blog through my stats and I really am glad I did! You do such beautiful work . . . I'm going to go check out your cafepress store now. Wow! Can I add you to my links list?