Monday, December 3, 2007

Something's Fishy

Sadly, I killed my goldfish over the weekend. Kevin won him at a summer carnival. Probably spent a buck or two on the thing. I can't stand to not have at least one fish and I don't have enough time to hook up my aquarium so I went to Petsmart today and bought two more little goldfish. Together they were 25 cents. How cheap! The cats have long given up on drinking out of their water dish. They much prefer the fish flavored water. Here's a cute picture I took today of my cat.

I painted a few small signs yesterday but I haven't gotten outside to varnish and photograph them for ebay. I made a Paso Fino "Feliz Navidad" sign, a bunny "Hoppy Holidays" and a Walking Horse "Walking in a winter wonderland." sign. They are all small and will start out at around $14.99. On my art table I've started a beautiful white Shire horse sign. He is carrying a sack of toys for Santa. I also hope to complete an Appy Holidays sign this week and maybe a QH or palomino. Since it's getting close to Christmas most of my auctions will be 3 day auctions so please check back every few days for new items.
Mare-y Christmas!

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DesignsbyCK said...

Hey Jen ~ Cute pic & story! :)