Monday, June 9, 2008

To hot to paint...

Yes indeedy the last few days have been killer here in PA with no sign of relief until Wednesday. Still then the temps are going to be above normal but at least they won't be near 100 degrees with dew points in the 70s. It is entirely too hot to paint. I was able to squeeze in a sign on Saturday with a portrait of the race horse Big Brown. I was so hopeful that he would win the Belmont. I guess the heat got to him as well! While searching through Big Brown's owner's website, IEAH Stables, I discovered that they own a mare I used to care for. Ferege was such an awesome filly when I knew her. Such a sweet personality, love to follow you around and get scratches and rubs. At least I know now that one of my favorite horses is in good hands. Maybe someday she will make a Little Brown.
Take care everyone and stay cool!

Big Brown Sign Auction

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Carolee said...

What a gorgeous sign! No one on eBay even comes close to painting equine signs as well as you do - truly amazing!

~ Carolee