Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fruits of Our Labor

1.25 lb. Brandywine Tomato

Red & yellow Brandywines, romas & Amish paste.

Okay, are you sick of my garden pictures yet? I can't help it. This is the first year that we've owned a house and had a big yard and the first year I've gotten to grow my own garden. Growing up we always had a huge garden so it's very important to me. My mom & stepfather have over 1,000 heirloom tomatoes planted this year not to mention an acre or two of Yukon golds and sweet corn.
My tomatoes are coming in like crazy and the Brandywine's are huge. The one in my hand weighs 1.25 pounds! 100% organic:)

Okay, now this will really make you laugh. I hate raw tomatoes (I like to make sauce). I know, sounds crazy right? I just do it for the joy of growing and giving. My husband is happy, he loves them. It's also a nice gift for the neighbors. Next year I want to expand the garden and set up a stand by the road. There is a stand near me that sells hum drum tomatoes for $2.99 and pound. I image folks would really love my heirlooms.

I will be out of town August 4th - 8th. I don't think I will be able to answer my email or update the blog but if I find myself infront of an internet cafe of some sort, I may pop in to check things. I am working on two hand painted Halloween signs to add to ebay before I leave. One is of an overo Paint horse, the other is a Dutch rabbit in a jack o' lantern with a witch hat on. Both are totally new designs and will be on Ebay hopefully tomorrow night.
Take care everyone! Jen

I have been wanting one of these plaques for ages and finally found one at TJ Maxx last week for $7.99! Isn't she pretty?


RainbowMom said...

Those are some beautiful fruits (toms are fruit.. great pun *gigglesnort*)

How nice to have a garden of your own and I love looking at pictures of nature and it's bounty. :) Peace!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Good grief, those tomatoes are on steroids! Nothing beats a home-grown tomato!!!