Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sleepy Hollow Revisted

Back to one of my favorite Halloween themes this week, the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow.

Still hard to find time to paint and Zoe's naps are very erratic. Most days it's like pulling teeth to get her to go down so it's easier to just let her not nap.
As I'm writing this it is about 1 hour from her bed time and she is a nightmare! I can't wait for the terrible 2s to go away!

It's really hard for me because I have so many Halloween ideas racing around my brain, dying to be set free. I also have a list of requests that I am trying to fill for ebay. So to everyone that has requested a certain piece, please be patient with me. I am not able to take any commissions at the time, probably won't be able to until after Christmas.

I have added several new Halloween designs to my Cafepress store. Check it out if you haven't already. I ordered some nice little raven buttons that I've been including with Ebay purchases. I also have Halloween and Christmas postcards to include with Ebay and Etsy purchases.

Speaking of Etsy, my ebay friend and fellow horse artist/animal lover Danielle Barlow was kind enough to include me in her Etsy "Eeeeek!" treasury. Thank you so much Danielle, I am always in awe of your work!


Akemisan said...
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Love me 2Times said...

wow all photos very beautiful

Julie at Creative Genius Art Gallery & Studio said...

I really like your sleepy hollow sign. Would love to find out where you sell your work...

daniellebarlow said...

Thankyou Jen! It was one of those'take you by surprise' treasuries! Suddenly the box popped up telling me I could have a treasury, and I wasn't prepared. Grabbed one anyway, and had to think on my feet! That's when it's so great to have a collection of favourite artists whose work you can choose from. I knew your beautiful sorceress was waiting for a moment in a treasury!
I SO sympathise with you about the frustration of finding time with a small person about. I am still feeling like a child in a sweet shop with my new-found freedom! Not sure where to turn first.

Anonymous said...

Love The Sleepy Hollow Film, and he made a visit in one of the Charmed series too, Lovely work,pleasure to view.

Designs by CK said...

LOVE this one for it's more close-up horse & horseman! :-)