Friday, October 24, 2008

Great Pumpkin Carve 2008


I am so happy to write that we won the pumpkin carve this year!! Our prize was a beautiful rocking chair and since I already have one from the 1st carve we won, my Mom got to take this one home. Her and my brother helped scoop out the guts and thin the wall so my design would stand out. I was very surprised that we won because there were some really nice pumpkins there. I had a hard time taking photos of the others since there was a large crowd but I managed to snap a few. One of my favorites was of the Halloween Tree. I actually had a design drawn out of a similar tree as a back up so glad I decided on the Horseman again. He never lets me down. In fact they had some really cool cutouts of the Hessian all around the main entrance.


Carolee said...

WOW - they're all wonderful, but yours is AMAZING!!! Big Congratulations!!!!

~ Carolee

Designs by CK said...

BIG congrats Pumpkin Queen!!! '-P)


*retro-rudolphs* said...

VERY COOL!! and congratulations Jen on another beautifully carved jack!


Danielle Barlow said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What amazing pumpkins! I can see I am going to have to be the driving force behind getting the British interested in Pumpkin carving for Halloween!

Johanna Parker said...

Big congrats to you Jen! It's enchanting :)

~ Johanna