Friday, November 21, 2008

Glorious Day!

I awoke this morning to our first snow! Yipeeeee! I love snow - at least the first couple of times. Ask me in February and I will probably be sick of it.
I'm also excited because for the first time my husband took our daughter to her Gram's house this morning on his way to work. That means I have the whole day to myself (happy dance, happy dance). So while drinking my pumpkin spice coffee I watched the last True Blood. Then I ran around in the snow like a kid, filled the bird feeders and cleaned out and filled the bird bath. Now I am posting this quick blog, listening to Rasputina (an awesome band [with cellos] I may go see on Sunday night at Bam Margera's new club in West Chester) and then I'm going to paint. I can't wait! The whole day with no interruptions. Maybe I'll even have a glass of wine with my lunch - do I dare??

When you have the chance, please check out the lovely horse art treasury on etsy that Danielle has made. I want them all! Thanks for adding me Danielle!

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Diane MacNaughtan said...

There is something so magical with the first snow!
I really enjoyed all the pic's you have aken and shared.
I hope your day was perfect.