Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tagged Again!

Ouch, I've been tagged again this time by the amazing Akiko Watanabe. You have to check out her work, it is breath taking! Okay, so I'll play along. Aren't you people getting sick of hearing about me? Someone post a comment with an interesting fact about themselves. The stranger the better.
Here we go (again).

1. My first concert was when I was 14/15. It was Sugarcubes, P.I.L & New Order at The Mann Music Center in Philly. I had to bribe a friend of my mom's with a free ticket so she would take me. I didn't have any friends that drove and listened to that kind of music then. That show opened up a whole new world to me.

2. My husband and I got married in Vegas 10 years ago at the Silver Bells Chapel (as seen in the movie Lost in America). We both wore black suits. Ah, and they said it wouldn't last... ;-P

3. My favorite instrument is the cello. I wanted to play it so badly when I was growing up. My grandfather gave me a framed photo of Yo Yo Ma standing under autumn yellow trees holding his cello, it hung in my bedroom for years. The sound of a cello fills me with so much emotion, I want to weep.

4. A distant relative is General Stephen Moylan. My grandfather was named after him.

5. I had to hitch a ride to my first horse show. I had a feisty appaloosa gelding (free) that liked to throw me. No one in my family came to see me. My first class was novice horse and rider. There were about 18 people in the class and we took 2nd place. I was around 13 years old and never had a riding lesson in my life.

6. In my thinner, younger days I posed nude for an artist friend. It was only embarrassing when I went to the opening reception and had to face her parents that I had known for several years. I still have one of the pieces she made. My husband likes it ;)

7. Before we bought our first house last year, we lived in a barn for 8 years. I cared for around 25 thoroughbred horses in exchange for apartment rent, electricity and horse board.

I received another blog award today - The Marie Antoinette Award!
Thank you Diane Mac. Be sure to check out her (and her husbands) amazing work.

Okay, it's past midnight and I am finally getting sleepy. Off to bed!

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artbyakiko said...

Jen, I didn't realize that you were already tagged by Danielle (whom I also tagged!), but thanks for playing it again.
It's so wonderful to know how much you love horses. Those horses are very lucky to have you. Love the story about your nude painting. It's like a scene that you would see in a comedy movie.:) I never heard of a wedding in black suits; both you and your husband must be born artists.