Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meemee Doodle

Okay, so my husband's cat (yes, we have his and her cats) was jealous that Zazu got her picture up on the computron and he says he wants all the fame and glory of an internet presence.
So here he is, my dear sweet Meemee Doodle. He was our first cat. My mom gave him to my husband as a Christmas gift in 2000 when he was just a little man.
He's such a sweetheart. Loves to sleep in your lap. Can smell one cat treat in a 1300 sq ft home. Prefers to drink out of the fish bowl. Sleeps in a child's Elmo chair.
An all around good guy!

Little Meemee!

I snagged another Etsy Treasury today. It only lasts for 3 days. This ones called
"Here kitty, kitty...". I'm totally in love with all of these paintings!
The painting called "Morning Light" looks just like my Zazu. In fact I am trading one of my pendants for a copy of the print. Can't wait!
Here what it looks like. Click on all the images to move it up in the standings (thanks).

I added one more new pendant to my Etsy shop today and an Arabian horse ornament. Here they are.

My wonderful horse art friend Linda Woolford, aka Artwolf, has included me in her new Etsy treasury, "Myth and Magic at Christmas". It looks wonderful! Makes me really want to lose some weight so I can buy one of those gorgeous pirate jackets!

I'm hoping to have a blog giveaway soon so please check back. Also started working on a Paint Horse Christmas sign for Ebay. I will try and finish it tomorrow.
Don't forget to do some of your Christmas shopping on Etsy and Ebay. They are such great places to find unique handmade gifts. Gifts that people will treasure!
Take care! Jen


Kathleen said...

Meemee was so cute as a kitten (what kitten isn't, lol) and grew into a very handsome fellow!
Love the myth and magic treasury, wow! And thanks again for including Morning Light in your cat treasury. :-)

Kathy Hunka said...

What a sweetie kitty! And I never get tired of looking at your art! How wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so interesting!

My cat Skeeter looks so much like Meemee!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Kevin Traylor said...

I suppose you got my cat's permission to be on your blog?!?!?

artbyakiko said...

Meemee Doodle is so cute!! Thanks for showing my Etsy items. Really appreciate it!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Meemee Doodle is the splitting image of my Charlie

Linda Gollehon said...

Do love your Christmas signs, have made gifts of a few (you don't know how hard it is to give them away!) My heart is halloween,,,,,I am the proud owner of the of two of your fall creations. Please have a blessed Christmas!
Linda Gollehon (Loudpaints!)