Thursday, December 4, 2008

Paint Horse

I just listed a new Paint Horse Christmas sign on Ebay. I think he turned out well.

The other day I was looking to make a quick and yummy dessert and I didn't have the car so it had to be made with ingredients I had on hand. Well, I had all the basics and a few apples to I made this super yummy apple bundt cake.
It's so good I've made it twice now. Perfect compliment to your morning coffee too.
I ommited the walnuts since I didn't have any and had to add a little applesauce since I didn't have a full cup of oil.
I think it would actually make a really nice gift too.


artbyakiko said...

Jen, this is so beautiful! I love the horse, background, and colors... just excellent as always.
I might have to try your recipe.:)
By the way, I fell in love with your Meemee Doodle. He is so cute!!!


Wow, you are an amazing artist!! :0)