Friday, October 9, 2009

(Not so) Scary Mary

My daughter Zoe and I made a scarecrow of sorts yesterday. This this the cheapest Halloween decoration you can make, in fact I had all the elements of her construction laying around my house: old pants and shirt, JOL head, straw hat, garden gloves, newspaper stuffing, witch broom. Zoe has named her "Scary Mary".
Scary Mary is not fond of rain though, she was Headless Mary this morning!
We went and got her a few more pumpkins last night. Found another Amish farm selling pumpkins for $1 each!

Finished my quick Headless Horseman painting. I think it will be fun to show the people at the pumpkin carve tomorrow. I have butterflies in my stomach over it! I don't like doing anything in front of a large group of people. Should I imagine everyone naked? Isn't that what they tell you to do when you have to speak before a group?


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Beautiful painting! You should be so proud of it. When speaking in front of crowds, I tend to kind of "look over" everyone's that it appears as though you're looking directly at folks but actually you're not. It helps if you know there are friendly familiar faces in the crowd, because then you can face them directly. I love the scarecrow you and your daughter made. It's so very cute. Amish pumpkins for $1 - we're going to check THAT out next weekend!!! :) Theresa

Kristen said...

Another fabulous Headless horseman painting. I don't like speaking to a large group either. I'm sure you will do just fine! You have a great talent, show it off!!

Breathe said...

Imagine all of them draw like me and you'll feel fine! LOL I can speak in front of anyone but can't draw to save my life. :)
It's beautiful. I'm always blown away by your work!

Jennifer Rose said...

your painting looks great :) imaging people naked doesn't work for me. i revert to being a kid and start laughing ;p

have fun carving, thats the most important thing :)

photogchic said...

Someone is going to run off with those nice boots! Love painting as always...there is a long straight trail with over hung hairy trees...I always refer to it as "Ichabod Crane Lane" One of these days will canter through with my video camera is always a bit spooky:-)

Paint Girl said...

That is a cool scarecrow! You are so creative!
Love the painting, turned out really nice!

condos Toronto said...

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