Friday, April 9, 2010

Garden Obsessed

"Gardening is the purest of human pleasures." -- Francis Bacon

It's been hot here. Too hot really. It's tricking me into thinking it's summer. I've been neglecting everything; cleaning, emails, painting, cooking, so I can work in the flower beds. I've mulched, mowed, pruned, weeded and even planted an apple tree (thanks mom). I did manage to paint a cat welcome sign for the PFATT Marketplace which will go up for sale tomorrow. Scroll down to see. Inspired by our kity, Pumpkin.

My two beds in the back of my house I made last year.

Pretty little weeping red bud my husband bought me for Mother's Day last year.
My daughter loves to help mulch, see her little wheel barrow?

The new bed in front of the house. I can't wait until these plants get bigger.

Zoe was picking dandelions in the neighbor's yard today. He rarely mows.
 In fact, he rarely goes outside. Weird.

Nothing quite as sweet as a big bouquet of danelions picked by a 4 year old. They're sitting on an antique child's desk I bought at an estate sale for $2 yesterday. I plant to paint it in Zoe's favorite colors.

And there's our little Pumpkin Pie!


kaitin said...

When i showed up last weekend Zoe was picking Dandelions and i told her it was my favorite flower....which prompted faith to tell me it was a weed....but thats why i like them so much. They are beautiful weeds......and Zoe offered me the bouquet she picked! So sweet!

Lin said...

Hey, do you want to join The Red Cat Society with Pumpkin??? We have a whole blog for orange/red kitties! Leave me your email address if you are interested and I'll send you an invite.

Your yard looks lovely! The weeping red bud is really cool.

JeniQ said...

I don't know how people like you *gardening people* know what to put where and how....

I kill grass!

If I get my way I may need you to come visit *grins*

Jennifer Rose said...

the nice weather here has made me want to be out in the garden as well. but since we might be moving, not much point :( but I can still put plants in pots, and then move them to the inlaws if we move from here.

very odd your neighbour hardly goes out, ask to take over his lawn? one huge garden

i love bleeding hearts, they are so pretty hanging there

Kath said...

I had a white Dicentra in my last garden. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the desk.

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

The Dandelion bouquet is charming and the newly mulched flower beds a lovely work in progress. The Pumpkin painting is super as well!... I know what you mean by the garden being all consuming.. lol I do the same thing. - Deb

Campbell Jane said...

I love dandelions! They are flowers I can grow well ;) It's always a pleasure to stop by your place!