Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blooming Wednesday

I bought this for next to nothing 2 years ago and it finally bloomed.
 I didn't know what it was until now, an aster!

Coreopsis in the rain this morning.

Another plant I bought super cheap at the end of the summer last year.
I love the intense pink color on this Marshall's Delight Bee Balm.

This delphinium is the most intense shade
 of blue in my garden and it's taller that I am!

A wild rabbit in the garden about to feast on some pansies before I showed up!

This was in the wildflower seed mix I bought.

My phlox just started to bloom.
Have to figure out what to do about powdery mildew now.

Pretty borage.

I took this photo last night. The yard just twinkles from the light of hundreds of fireflies.
I so desperately wanted to capture it with my camera. I set the shutter speed very slow and you can see the yellow streak of one by the hedgehog sculpture.


Kiki said...

Magical series Jennifer! Beauty everywhere! I love your magical little rabbit stopping by..and your blooms are lovely! yay!
have a happy day!

Kath said...

Ah, must borrow my 2 lurchers for the day (or the night!). That'll scare the little munchers away :D

magikalseasons said...

Beautiful! I forgot to plant borage this year. I like to put in in icecubes for drinks. My bee balm isn't blooming yet. I've got mixed colors. The hummers love the red. :)

joanne May said...

Hi Jen,
Your blooming flowers are gorgeous and what a handsome rabbit. He looks very healthy. He would probably feast on your flowers given half a chance!:)
I can imagine your garden lit up with fireflies. I wish we had them here. The photo is magical of your garden.

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Wonderful photos once again and I love the magical whishing glow of the firefly! My mouth dropped when you mentioned the hedgehog sculpture... I've colleced hedgehogs for years! We're not allowed to have real ones here in California though. :-)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh, how I loved all the flowers this week! And that rabbit is just so very cute. Looks as though he's about to make a break for it. I haven't seen the sweet bunnies that come to our yard each year. Hopefully, they will show up soon! Theresa

Kat_RN said...

What a lovely bunch of photos! I like the last the best. I love fireflies and I so want to take a picture of one. Good job.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Absolute beauty and delight.
Loved these photos this week.
The colors, and shapes...all caught looking at their best!

Rue said...

Beautiful! We don't have fireflies the 'streaker' - giggle!